Brain Conditions


Astrocytomas are central nervous system tumors that originate in nervous system support cells, or glial cells, called astrocytes. Astrocytomas develop in the brain or spinal cord. They may appear at any age. Astrocytomas are classified according to type and stage, and treatment and prognosis are dependent on these factors. Many of the symptoms of astrocytomas are related to the increased pressure within the brain as the tumor grows. Symptoms relate to the normal function of the part of the nervous system involved, and may include seizures, personality changes, blurry vision, double vision, mental changes, drowsiness, vomiting, headaches, weakness, numbness, or poor coordination. Diagnosis is made by CT scan, MRI, and/or biopsy. Low-grade astrocytomas are sometimes monitored without treatment. Typical treatments include radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, and corticosteroids. Surgery may be utilized to perform a biopsy, or to remove all or part of the tumor when it is safe to do so.

Dear Dr. Lowry & team,

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