Spine Procedures

Spinal Fusion and Reconstruction

Spinal fusion is a type of spinal surgery in which two vertebrae are connected together so that they will form into a solid bone. Metal plates, wires, hooks, rods, or screws may be utilized to connect the two vertebrae together and, eventually, new bone material will form, allowing the vertebrae to fuse into a single bone. In some cases, new technologies are used to facilitate spinal fusion. Spinal fusion and reconstruction may be used to treat herniated discs that must be removed, spondylolisthesis, and other spinal conditions.

“I had two levels of discs removed in my neck due to spinal stenosis. It’s not a small deal. But I was able to walk from the hospital without a neck brace, took only 4 days off work, worked half days for a week then back to full time. I feel great. The surgery was very successful.

“I couldn’t have asked for better care all the way around. I took minimal pain medication afterwards. The PA, was excellent with all the follow up and communications. I can’t say enough about the care. They have the latest technology, the latest techniques, and very caring hands. Everything was well coordinate. I tell anyone who needs surgery, go see them!

I would rate them A+++

— DV